Safety can’t be stressed enough. Part of partnering with Virginia Steel Erectors on your steel erection, rigging, or crane rental project, including fast track projects, means taking advantage of all that our safety program has to offer.

  •  AISC-Certified–We renew our AISC certification annually and stay up-to-date with all our AISC requirements.
  • Certified Workers–Our employees are OSHA-certified, professionally certified in their area of experience (i.e., rigging, crane operation, steel erection, supervision, etc.), background-checked, and drug-tested on an ongoing basis. Key employees also receive Red Cross CPR training.
  • Meticulous Pre-Planning–Failing to plan is planning to fail. We have rigorous pre-planning strategies and procedures to make sure every safety precaution is in place before work begins. Proper communication between the contractor and the steel erector before a steel erection operation begins is essential to employee safety. 
  • Annually Reviewed and Revised Safety ManualOur safety manager continually reviews and revises our safety manual to make sure we are taking full advantage of every new technology, the latest OSHA guidelines, and recent research and recommendations for best practices. We don’t want to miss a trick!

Safety. Professionalism. Personalized service. And most of all, good work. That’s what you get when you choose Virginia Steel Erectors for your project team.

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